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The Village Journey

For many years, our facility has operated as a good performer with an excellent survey history and an emphasis on providing quality medical care to those we serve. Our journey towards social change, team building, and person-centered care began approximately two years ago with the award of a grant from the North Carolina Coalition for Long Term Care Enhancement.

The grant money and the changes made with the grant as well as research conducted regarding culture change when applying for the grant inspired us to keep going. As we saw positive changes, we continued to find new outlets to change our house into a home for those we serve.

Although we feel we have achieved a great deal for those we serve, we set new goals each day to continue to change. Offering true person-centered care in a home is a daily challenge. Our goal is to embrace the challenge and reap the rewards in the faces of those we serve. The Journey continues to inspire us as we learn from our peers and feel supported by all of those around us.

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